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Do I need a boiler service? it seems to be working OK.
Modern condensing boilers, of which there are three types, are quite complicated pieces

of equipment which means there is potentially more that can go wrong.
An annual boiler service will check that your boiler is compliant with current regulations (these are constantly being changed) and that it is safe. A faulty boiler can be extremely dangerous so regular boiler maintenance is important.
An annual boiler service will detect and correct potential faults before they become more serious.

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It is a good idea to arrange your boiler service during the summer months before the traditionally busy autumn months. This is the period when everyone turns the heating on for the first time in months and there is a noticeable increase in breakdowns. It is also the time when it is difficult getting a gas safe engineer because they are very busy fixing the boilers that could have been checked in the summer months.
During a full boiler service you should expect the following:
A visual check to ensure the boiler meets current standards.
The boiler fired to spot any working faults.
Casing removed to check all of the major components. (burner, heat exchanger, injector, spark/sensor probe.)
Gas valve adjusted to ensure efficient combustion.
Boiler parts cleaned if required
Gas tightness check to ensure there are no leaks.
Boiler casing replaced
You should receive a service report with all of the above actions ticked and any work undertaken identified.
Not all boilers are the same.
A full boiler service is just as important on older style boilers.
For most conventional systems there are parts such as the pump and expansion vessel which would need to be checked. These will not be located in the boiler itself but elsewhere in the house.
In the boiler itself parts such as the heat exchanger and fan may have to be dismantled to be checked.
An annual boiler service will save you money and give you peace of mind.

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